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Institute for Applied Research and Innovation


Connect-In is a division of InARI, that aims to bring about a change in science education and healthcare. It strongly believes that by connecting the public, clinicians, scientists and other stakeholders, a healthy community can be sustained.

Walk of life

Walk of Life is an event, organised by Connect-In where Doctors, Scientists and public are provided a platform to interact which can impart knowledge and engage in healthy conversations with each other, thus benefitting the society. 

This event is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

Events conducted so far: 

1) Walk of Life: 1st edition: 

World environment day, June 5th 2019

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2) Walk of life: Importance of Genetic screening

July 11th, 2019. 

3) Walk of Life- 11th August 2019

Topic: Preventive cardiology, diabetes and hypertension

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Upcoming events: 

Walk of Life- 8th September 2019, @ InARI

Topic: Myths about Nutrition and Genetics in Diabetes.

Walk of Life- July 2019

Importance of Genetic screening

Walk of Life- July 2019

Walk of Life- July 2019

Walk of Life- June 2019

Environment Day