Institute for Applied Research and Innovation

Institute for Applied Research and Innovation

Nano & Chemical Technology

Our research programs use, nano and chemical technologies individually and in combinations to evolve with novel tools. 



On-going projects:

1. Use of nano structured iron oxide nanoparticles for developing simple and instrument free DNA isolation system

Publications:Instrument-free, automation and multi-platform ready unmodified iron Oxide based DNA isolation system J Biochem Tech (2012) 3(4): 384-388. Rajani Kanth Vangala, Sridevi G, Veeresh Hugar

2. Developing silica nanoparticles for concentrating proteins from any source (patent pending).

This technology for on-chip assay systems for biomarkers

Chemical Technology

Ongoing research:

1. Ethanolic gels for biospecimen: Development of silica and ethanolic gel for biospecimen collection and storage. 

2. Development of bio-chemical hand sanitizer: Biologically validated biochemicals for hand sanitization.

3. Surface chemistry: Surface modification of polyvinyl and plastic for bio-molecules binding